Dental Implants

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Having a missing tooth can be stressful and can impact your life, both physically and emotionally. A gap in your smile often leads to embarrassment and could eventually lead to further health problems.

Dental implants offer you the possibility to have a permanent restoration that mimics your natural tooth’s root and structure. This means you’ll smile, chew, and speak as before and feel confident in your smile.

Here is a brief overview of how dental implants can benefit your smile:

  • Long-lasting or permanent solution
  • Keeps other teeth in place and healthy
  • Allows for natural chewing without concern
  • Preserves your facial structure
  • Long-term whole-health
Our office has an in-house specialist to place our dental implants. Dr. Francis Hunte is a prosthodontist so has expertise in dental prosthesis such as dental implants. Your health could not be in better hands!

How Do Implants Work?

Three elements, one outstanding result.
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Artificial Root

Made from titanium and placed into your jawbone, this small post acts as your missing tooth root. Once fused with your bone, it creates a solid foundation for your restoration.


Much like an anchor, this small element is used to attach the implant post to your new restoration. It creates a firm and reliable connection for your chosen dental restoration.


Dr. Hunte can design and create various restorations to be fitted on top of your implant. These include custom-made dental crowns, bridges, and dentures.

An older couple laughing together while leaning on a railing

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