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Comprehensive Exams

Comprehensive Exams

Regular six-month dental check-ups are essential to keep your smile in tip-top shape. Your dental visit will begin with a thorough dental examination to review your smile’s health and uncover any ongoing concerns.

Your exam will include:

  • X-rays
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Periodontal (gum) evaluation
  • Tooth decay examination

By understanding your current oral health situation, our dentists can create a preventative treatment plan to stop small issues from becoming more significant and more severe problems.

Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene

At Judd Dentistry…Learn more on the homepage…, we take a comprehensive and preventative approach to your dental care. Our fantastic hygiene appointments truly reflect this philosophy!

During this appointment, our incredible team will help remove plaque and common teeth stains that haven’t been removed from daily brushing. Our hygienists’ gentle touch and calming personalities will make your appointment a comfortable and relaxing experience.

We recommend scheduling a hygiene appointment and checkup every six months to ensure your teeth stay bacteria-free and your smile is healthy and beautiful.

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal Therapy

Your gums are the foundation of your smile and a gateway to your overall health. Therefore, looking after them is an essential preventative measure to safeguard your overall wellness.

Periodontal disease (gum disease) occurs when plaque and tartar buildup and the negative bacteria attack your surrounding gums. This can cause inflammation, pain, and bleeding. If left untreated it can lead to tooth loss and other systemic health concerns.

We can help you restore and maintain your gums’ health through our regular hygiene and deep-cleaning appointments.

Depending on the stage of the disease, our skilled hygienists will adapt and use various professional cleaning methods. In mild cases, our team will create a simple hygiene plan, which includes regular cleanings. If gum disease is more severe, they may use a technique called scaling and root planing. This is a deeper cleaning that clears the disease above and below the gumline.

Whatever your treatment, our team will always ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed during your visit.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer affects millions each year. Did you know that your dentist can help identify this progressive disease?

Using an advanced screening process, our doctors can catch oral cancer in its earliest stage (this dramatically improves the chance of survival).

A typical screening consists of a visual and physical exam of your oral cavity and its connected tissue.

After the screening, your dentist will discuss their findings and explain the next steps if any abnormalities are found. Also, we’ll work alongside your physician and will be there to support you every step of the way.



Sealants are a thin composite coating that makes your tooth’s surface smoother and can help prevent cavities. How?

Although a simple procedure, sealants keep food or debris from becoming stuck by filling in pits and fissures on your tooth’s surface.

As part of the treatment, a special solution is first applied to each tooth’s surface to help the sealants bond. After rinsing and drying your teeth, your sealants will be carefully painted onto each tooth. Then, they’ll either harden instantly or will need a special light to do so.

Sealants are especially useful for young children who struggle with brushing and flossing. They are proven to reduce the risk of cavities. Plus, the entire process takes only a couple of minutes, and is pain-free!

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

It’s entirely normal for you to feel a little anxious about undergoing a dental procedure – but at Judd Dentistry, we are an anxiety-free practice! With our sedation dentistry options, we make anxiety a thing of the past.

Our team of professionals use various forms of sedation to help you stay calm and relaxed during your visit, these include:

Nitrous Oxide: Also known as laughing gas, this mild form of sedation is administered through a nasal hood. The goal of this gas is to lower any discomfort and make you feel calm.

Oral Sedation: You’ll be required to take this oral medication (pill) before your appointment. It is ideal for our more apprehensive patients as it will make you feel sleepy and less aware of the procedure taking place.

Both of our solutions are safe, quality-controlled, and administered by trained professionals who genuinely care about your well-being. You can ask for more details when you contact our office.

Root Canals

Root Canals

A root canal is a common and simple procedure that can save your tooth (and your smile) from extreme damage or decay. It is often required when the pulp (inside of your tooth) becomes infected.

During a root canal procedure, your dentist will first remove bacteria from the pulp to prevent it from spreading. Then he or she will fill the space with a special material (effectively replacing the infected tissue) to restore your tooth’s structure and function.

Many think this is a long and painful procedure, but you have nothing to worry about with our team. We use modern technology to make this a seamless and routine treatment. Plus, it will stop that irritating toothache and benefit your oral health.



Our mouthguards are specially designed to protect your smile in optimal comfort. Mouthguards are used to help protect your smile or prevent more severe dental problems from taking shape.

At our office, you have access to two variations:

Nightguards: Designed to protect your teeth from grinding (bruxism) or clenching during your sleep. Nightguards can also help reduce pain associated with jaw and bite issues so you can rest and enjoy a great night’s sleep.

Mouthguards: When used in sport these appliances protect your teeth from common trauma. However, they can also bring support to your TMJ (temporomandibular) joint or a misaligned bite.

Whatever your situation may be, at Judd Dentistry, we are proud to offer custom-made mouthguards to help you in your unique situation.

Early Dental Care

Early Dental Care

Our team loves welcoming families and children to our dental office. We are experienced in helping new and first-time parents navigate the early stages of dental care.

Teething and Infant Teeth

Teething in infants tends to start between the ages of six to twelve months. It can be a sensitive time for your little one and is a sign that they need to see the dentist. It is essential to monitor the new teeth for any signs of decay and to ensure proper development.

Once the infant teeth are in place, it is vital to keep them healthy as they guide the placement of permanent teeth. Our doctors can help protect these teeth and prevent problems should a tooth prematurely fall out (e.g., space maintainers).

First Dental Visit

You should schedule your child’s first visit around his or her first birthday. The visit will focus on creating a comfortable and trustworthy atmosphere, so your child feels relaxed and positive.

We’ll talk to your child about any anxieties and show them that dentistry can be fun too. During the appointment, your dentist will exam your child’s teeth, bite, and mouth. We’ll then discuss any potential issues or discuss how to establish a solid at-home routine.

Superbly professional and gentle job by the technicians cleaning! Dr. Judd is incredible, friendly, and family-oriented with exceptional service. They are not focused on money. But helping her patients and concerned about their wellbeing!! My family of five has been going to Dr. Judd from the start of her Dentistry in Columbia! Thank you, Dr. Judd!

Alex K. (Judd Patient)

A woman with Bruxism places a dental guard in her mouth to protect her teeth
What Is a Nightguard & Why Might I Need One?

At Judd DentistryThis link leads to Home page, we understand the importance of protecting your smile, even while you sleep.

That’s why we offer dental nightguards, a simple yet effective solution for safeguarding your teeth from nighttime grinding and clenching, also known as bruxism.

Our custom-fit nightguards are crafted to comfortably fit your unique bite, providing a barrier between your upper and lower teeth to prevent wear and tear caused by grinding.

Beyond preserving your dental health, nightguards can also alleviate associated symptoms such as jaw pain and headaches.

Trust our skilled professionals to tailor a nightguard solution that promotes restful sleep and preserves your precious smile for years to come.

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